Sunday afternoon at Ape Island Studio

Kyle and I, along with Mikaila Artemisa Tombe, had a delightful afternoon with Jim Blair at his Ape Island Studio. What did we do that was so delightful, you might ask? We tested a whole bunch of different microphones!

Here’s how Jim put it:

What a great day! We had an afternoon of microphone comparisons. Neumann U87, Neumann M147, Lawson L47, 414BTL2, 57, Beyerdynamic M88, Royer 122 ribbon (both sides), 421, SM7, ADK A51TC, ADK A51V, ADK A51SL, all recording a male singer, female singer, and trumpet through an API 512b. Thanks to Mikaila Tombe, Marty and Kyle Shepard (The Big Mess), Todd Dunsmore at The Vineyard Studio, and Julian Bakker.

Essentially, we each recorded the same thing over and over and over again so we could compare the sound of a plethora of really really nice microphones. Male voice, female voice, trumpet. Trying to see what mic suits what purpose.

We haven’t even heard ANY playback whatsoever. Well, that’s not entirely true. Jim listened to it and messaged me: Had a quick listen to the tracks today. VERY interesting.

I know that this makes me a total geek/nerd, but I can not wait to hear the tracks and decide on my fav takes and see if my favourites are similar to other’s favs. Life is good.