Primeval moaning and wicked beat drops

This is VoxMan Kyle and Comox Valley’s Mantrakid voice-jam on aire during his Creamreefer show.

I am accompanying most of the tracks being played on this show. See if you can pick me out in there. As well as jamming, we get into some nicely deep philisopho-musical discussion about the use of the voice in music, community, and evolution.

VoxMan Kyle and Mantrakid on Creemreefer Radio

The Big Mess, Live on CHLY Radio

Check out the October 6th podcast of last week’s Fresh Cutz on CHLY radio (scroll down to the October 6th show). Dylan Perry aired us for about an hour, shootin’ da shit and performing several of our songs live in the studio. After destroying one set of headphones mid-song due to over-enthusiasm, it ended up being a fantastic experience. Thanks Dylan! Rembember, you have to scroll down to the October 6th show, or else it won’t be us!