FAQ: About The Big Mess

How do you describe The Big Mess?

Trumpet + Voice
Father + Son
Incomparable Music. Exhilarating Entertainment.

Ok, but what do you SOUND like? What kind of SHOW is it?

Step one: Check out our video. It’s the top video on our Video page.

Step two: Chomp down on our humble attempt at describing The Big Mess with words…

“A highly charged melting pot of music where well-known classics cozy up to unexpected rarities, with inimitable spontaneity, bringing delight & inspiration to audiences ages – 3 to 103.

The Big Mess coaxes audiences down the rabbit hole into a tantalizing world at once nostalgic & exotic, sultry & sweet, nutty & playful, and just a glimpse of the deranged.”

Why is your name “THE BIG MESS”?

The name The Big Mess conveys two significant concepts about us.

1. We play a big mess of musical styles, and mess with them in our own big messy way.

2. We acknowledge, and are proud of, that our minds – our lives! – are big messes. In fact, we’re sure that being a mess in some way, shape, or form, is a quintessential part of being human. And we like to honor that. Come on folks, let’s celebrate THE MESS!

What is “It” about THE BIG MESS that is so gosh-darn ENTERTAINING!

Many think that “it” has to do with the authentic energy that flows between a father & son…

“It” could be the extraordinary result of mashing the old and the new in terms of musical styles…

Voxman Kyle, blending beatboxing, scatting and lyrical singing, can sound like an entire rhythm section PLUS the vocalist at the same time. Marty Shepard’s trumpet & flugelhorn exude a passion and joy that’s engaging as a concert, driving as a dance & subtle as a kiss.

Others yet say “it” definitely comes from the delightful diversity of their repertoire…

“It” is inspiration drawn from musical theatre, blues, latin, pop, jazz, electronic & even classical. 

“It” is musicality, theatrics, comedy and improvisation…
“It” is the magnetic energy generated by two performers who are obviously having a great time…
“It” is families coming together in genuine enjoyment, across the generations…
“It” is toes that won’t stop tapping & bodies that can’t stop gyrating…

“It” is the ever-changing antics of The Big Mess!

Who ARE you guys?

VoxMan Kyle, the ever-experimenting mad scientist of lyric & groove escaped from the zoo on a full moon with plans to storm Broadway while maintaining a nasty binge of the Blues. VoxMan’s vocal nature is a shapeshifter: snappy, sexy, liquid and lewd.

As yin to VoxMan’s wild yang is Marty Shepard, aka Dad, a bluesy mage & jazzy sage. He plays his horn like a thousand years of oral storytelling blooming into a passionate kiss at the heart of a blazing dance party.

Underneath the ingenious marketing blab, who are you guys… REALLY?

VoxMan Kyle began creating sound effects with his voice at a very young age while playing with toys. Inspiration was of no shortage in the Shepard household. His mother was a classical singer, his brother a heavy-metal guitarist and his dad… well, it is no wonder that Kyle is now a fusion musician, honing techniques from sources as eclectic as ethnic choirs, electronic dance music, global percussion and cartoon voices.

Kyle graduated from the University of British Columbia’s film department, specializing in audio design. During this time he gigged with an improv troupe, an exotic heavy metal orchestra and an African percussion ensemble. Kyle teaches beatboxing and voice play in his multifariously applicable workshop “The VoxShop”, which was featured at the Vancouver International Children’s Festival.

Marty Shepard was born & raised way too long ago in Chicago, Illinois. As one of the original members of REO Speedwagon, he opened for such groups as Iron Butterfly, Canned Heat & Three Dog Night. He has enjoyed performing with Planet Swing, Brooke Maxwell’s El SuperBando, Joëlle Rabu and a bevy local recording artists.

Marty also engages in an independent career, telling gorgeous, heart-moving stories with his trumpet and flugelhorn. These tales can still be enjoyed on his enchanting CD “HalfLife”. Delightfully notorious for using a common toilet plunger to produce lush, bluesy tones with his horn, he is admired as a uniquely passionate musician.

Is the Big Mess appropriate for our event?

One thing that is so great about The Big Mess is that we are flexible in the way we perform. Not only do we have an expansive repertoire to draw from, we can augment the energy and tone of our performances to fit anything from a quiet intimate celebration, to a downright uproarious party.

We are delighted to tell you that The Big Mess is more than appropriate for:

Festivals & Concerts
Corporate events & Conferences
Civic & Sporting Events
Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Graduations, etc.
BBQs, Holidays, Office Parties
Family Reunions
Kids Events & Seniors Entertainment
Fairs & Markets
Cabarets, Fringe Festivals, Art Shows
Celebrations of Life
You name it!

Come on guys, The Big Mess MUST be unsuitable for SOMETHING!

Yes, you are absolutely right. The Big Mess is not at home in rowdy bars.
Most everything else however, we can generally delight!

How much does The Big Mess cost?

The typical Big Mess experience comes with 3 x 45min sets of music, plus a high quality sound & lighting system. Our fee is determined by a sliding scale system based on the size of your event, number of attendees, and special requirements.

We are very easy and enjoyable to talk to. We WANT to play, we LOVE to play, and we make an effort to work with your budget. Please call or email us, tell us about your event, and we’ll give you a quote!

How do we book The Big Mess?

Call us at 250-754-3336
Email us at info@big-mess.com
Or click on the CONTACT button on our website.


The Big Mess:
An Authentic 100% Pure Local Organic
Gluten-Free Fair Trade Terrific Musical Experience!

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