Double Gig Night and Kyle’s Pants Rip, Big time!!!!

Last night, The Big Mess played at Crown Isle Resort’s WineFest. Had a great time and received lots of great comments! Of course, the highlight of the night was when Kyle lifted his leg up and over the bass drum, totally ripping the seam of his crotch and down his leg. I good time was had by all the women! Kyle was wearing Bright Red underpants, thank you.

So, in the middle of the WineFest gig, we were asked if we could play a private party right after we finished. We said yep, and although we were pooped pups, we ended having a great time. God bless energy drinks!


VoxMan Kyle: Four month sojourn to South & Central America!

The rumors are true. VoxMan Kyle is leaving on November 15th for a much-desired sojourn to South and Central America. He’ll be back just around March 15th, 2012.

On Saturday night, November 12th, The Big Mess will be at Acme Food Co, Nanaimo. It’s a celebration of 1. Acme’s Second (2nd) Anniversary AND 2. Kyle’s trip.

Marty will be staying in Beautiful Downtown Nanaimo, taking bookings for The Big Mess for Spring, Summer and Fall.